Beard Grooming Tricks in Austin

Beards are in! Hairy dudes rejoice, it's your moment to hop in the game. Whether you're hoping to enter the town's Abe Lincoln lookalike competition or just add an extra layer this winter, there are a few beard styling tips you need to know. Take a peek at how to take care of your beard and get your beard back in the game.

How to Style a Beard

  • Match it to Your Face - Look good by growing something that looks good with your face's shape. Round faces can add some more length with a longer beard while the square-jawed guys would look good with close cut sides and a full goatee. Have a pointier face? Grow it as lengthy as you dare!
  • Wash it on the Regular - Just like your regular hair, you need to shampoo your beard. A clean beard not only looks good but also helps hair growth because it gets rid of dead skin. If your facial hair tends to be itchy, shampooing can get rid of the itch.
  • Maintain Your Beard - Beards are back but looking like scraggly might not be. Make sure it stays under control using a comb and regular trims.
  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize - One more cause of itchy beards is super dry skin. Maintain its hydration with beard balms or oils. The right product can give you style, de-frizzing and moisture all at the same time. The same goes for mustache wax if your 'stache could use a little structure.
  • Stay Healthy - To keep your beard growing strong you've gotta do a little lifestyle work. Eat right, get those zzz's and exercise. Wham bam beard.

Sport Clips has Your Back

Not sure about your beard trimming technique? Don't worry about it, because our Stylists can trim your beard between cuts. Our legendary hot steamed towel wrap opens up your pores to help your beard grow. Best of all, you can walk right in without an appointment, get a complete MVP Experience or only a neckbeard trim, whatever you like. It's your beard, after all.