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Jenny us here now! The reception fit me after explaining my work schedule! she was bomb I forgot her name but she is so sweet! need a regular hair cut or a tight fade they have it all here and a beard trim !!

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Disappointed in every way, 15 min haircut that turned to be cr@ptacular. Called in at 10am to schedule a haircut/hot towel beard razor trim at 230, got there 15 mins early and the barber said she didn't have time all of a sudden for the razor shave. Can't cut hair for nothing. It's basically a super cuts with extra step and everyone knows super cuts is the worse place to get a hair cut.

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I was on the list to get a haircut @noon 10/28/21 @ the Arbor Walk/Domain location. I waited 2hrs fr when I signed up online. I arrived within the allowed time window. When I got there, I was asked if I had signed in online, & I responded that I had. Next thing I know Im being told that I was dropped off the list & I would have to wait over an hr. Later Im being told sorry I will need to come back the next day. I explained that I had lost 3hrs of my day to be able to get a haircut. I was again denied, & told there was nothing that could be done. My entire afternoon was ruined, & no haircut. The next day I got online 2hrs before the location opened, and patiently waited for when they opened @9am. When 9am came, I tried signing up online & it said to wait 5min. So I called. I was told that I could not signup online until 10min later. The guy argued that it said 10min after 9, not 5min after 9. I told him I am looking at it & it says 5min after 9. Then, I asked how can I get in immediately @9 when they recommend to sign in online? He said I had to be physically 1st in line when they open @9. Finally, I asked for my stylist that Ive used for the past 7years. He said my stylist came in @11am, he asked someone else @ the store to confirm it, & again he said 11. I then asked how I could be 1st on my stylists list. He then said to sign up online 30min before, @10?0am on 1stAvailable, then show up @11am & ask to be switched over to my stylist. I did exactly that. @10:29 i watched the seconds go by, and immediately, @10?0 I signed in for 1stAvailable. @11am on the dot, I opened the door of my location, walked in, & asked to be switched over to my stylist. I was then told my stylist was already working on someone. I had to ask repeatedly for the time my stylist came in. After they confessed the time of 10am, I told them I was told 11 by the gentleman in front of me, as I recognize his voice. Again, I was lied to, cheated, & denied. I patiently waited a half hr, & then was taken to get my haircut. This is a NIGHTMARE. TRICK OR TREAT... BUT, ALL TRICKS, NO TREAT FOR ME!!! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Im NOT going through that experience EVER AGAIN. I didnt say a word about my NIGHTMARE to my stylist. When I was done with my haircut, & after a decade of being a Sportclips customer & giving $5 tip each time, no tip was given. It may / may not be my stylists fault, but the $ stops, with the stylist. After beginning my quest to get a haircut @noon the previous day, I finally had my haircut @noon the following. Id appreciate an apology after losing 8hrs total from 2days. It should never be this difficult to be a good customer. Im pretty easy going, till then, Id rather pay double elsewhere, or shave my head bald. Its a very sad day. Unhappy Halloween! EDITED: After I left the initial review, I had a very nice conversation with my stylist. He told me that he preferred that I go elsewhere. I told him that Ive always been impressed by him, by his work, professionalism, very down to earth and nice to talk to, & his care & attention to his clients was incredible. I told him that I would go to any salon he went, & always hoped that if he changed to another salon, that I could follow him as a client, & I would pay whatever the price would be, be it $60, $100, $200. Hes worth anything youd have to pay. He really is that good. I told him that these things can happen, & can be a great growth opportunity for everyone. He told me that some changes had recently been made by the company, & Id been emailed about them, & that included the time window of when you are to arrive. Specifically, 30min late=you get denied, & 20min was the new rule, & thats what happened. I was unaware of the new rule as emails seemed like 100% solicitations, we should grow from this experience, & it didnt seem best to cut off maybe 1/3 of the customers, for those that may be consistently 20-30min late. Regardless, the companies stance was to turn me away. I would give them an opportunity to turn things around. Till then, its another very sad day.

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Juan A. | December 16, 2021 Google

" Jenny us here now! The reception fit me after explaining my work schedule! she was bomb I forgot he"

life c. | December 5, 2021 Google

" Disappointed in every way, 15 min haircut that turned to be cr@ptacular. Called in at 10am to sched"

Copper K. | December 5, 2021 Google

" I was on the list to get a haircut @noon 10/28/21 @ the Arbor Walk/Domain location. I waited 2hrs f"

Rick | December 1, 2021 Google

" Good service. Will definitely be returning here to get a cut from Abigail."

T S. | November 30, 2021 Google

" The employees were nice but I think $23 is overpriced"

Armando S. | November 21, 2021 Google

" I've been coming here since March of this year. I met Alejandro and I have been having great servic"

Salil S. | November 18, 2021 Google

" I waited for an hour for a beard trim and when my turn came they told me most of the stylists aren?"

DigitalJax | November 14, 2021 Google

" Excellent as usual"

Brian W. | November 10, 2021 Google

" Got us in the door, quick and efficient, good covid precautions, beautiful setting."

Shannon S. | November 8, 2021 Google

" Great atmosphere. Jenny did a great job."